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Sex Trafficking in Georgia – What You Need to Know
• 12-14 years old is the average age a child is victimized
• 200+ girls are sold for sex in Georgia each month
• Atlanta ranks among the top 14 cities for CSEC (Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children)
• 1 out of every 3 runaway teens will be lured into prostitution within 48 hours of leaving home
Sources for statistics listed below

Who We Are – Our Mission
youthSpark, Inc., formerly known as the Juvenile Justice Fund, has been a pioneer in the arena of combatting child sex trafficking for more than ten years. Our aim is to transform the lives of children who have been exploited, abused and neglected, because NO CHILD wakes up at 16 and chooses to be prostituted.

Based at the Fulton County Juvenile Court, we bridge the gap between the services provided by the Court and the needs of the children and families it serves.

What We Do – Our Programs
youthSpark combats this heinous form of child abuse by reducing the number of victims in our communities, disabling the demand for prostituted youth, and by educating and empowering young people to join the movement.
youthSpark Voices – provides support services for young girls who are at extreme high risk for becoming victims of child sex trafficking, including:
- weekly group dinners, transportation, and basic necessities like clothing and toiletries
- sessions with a trauma-trained clinician who counsels girls individually as well as directing peer-to-peer group circles that cover topics such as self-esteem, positive relationships, and sexual health
- education on the realities of child sex trafficking and what makes these girls vulnerable
- empowerment plans that include re-entry into schools, job readiness and higher education opportunities
A Future. Not A Past. – disables demand by providing ground-breaking research, legislative advocacy, community education and training for medical and social service personnel

youthSpark Igniters – our new student-led advocacy movement in schools and other community groups
To learn more about child sex trafficking and how you can make a difference, we invite you to attend our free Community Ambassador Training on Saturday, December 7. For more information, e-mail info@youth-spark.org.

Partners and Media

youthSpark's Prevention PSA was made possible with special funding from the Junior League of Atlanta.

• youthSpark, Inc. is honored to be a part of the Microsoft YouthSpark Global Initiative and a proud partner of the Governor's Office for Children & Families Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) Task Force.
• youthSpark is proud to partner with Georgia's Attorney General Sam Olen and his Georgia's Not Buying It Campaign to address demand for child sex trafficking. 

Sources for statistics provided by the FBI; Estes and Weiner's The Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in the US, Canada and Mexico; youthSpark's A Future. Not A Past.

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The GalliumGroup supports your efforts.

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Youth Spark does amazing work to end CSEC!

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So proud to stand with youthSpark to end child sex trafficking in Atlanta!