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Inspired by communities that come together to support families in need, the purpose of Warrick Dunn Charities is to assist families so that they may thrive economically, academically, and socially. Sixteen years since the first Home for the Holidays presentation, Warrick Dunn Charities continues to offer services that benefit single-parents who strive for financial independence as well as serve children who are experiencing a loss.

Homes for the Holidays

Instills self-reliance and stability among economically-disadvantaged single-parent families on the verge of financial independence.  Having served 129 single parents and over 350 children since 1997, the program provides down-payment assistance to decrease the burden of monthly mortgage payments. Families are also presented with a fully furnished house, alleviating the debt often associated with first-time homeownership. 

Rather than moving into a house, the family moves into a home where the parent can be self-reliant and children thrive educationally and socially.  Success of the Homes for the Holidays program is demonstrated by 96% of recipient families remaining homeowners today, 91% report seeking additional education for their children, and 81% seeking more education for themselves with eight having since graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree and three with a Master’s Degree.

Provides services that empower youth who are experiencing a loss to manage their grief, heal and enhance their quality of life.  Left unsupported, these youth, ages 5-18, are three times more likely to develop depression and are at higher risk for suicide, post-traumatic stress disorder, impaired relationship functioning, academic challenges and risk-taking behaviors including drug & alcohol use.

Betty’s Hope partners with schools, community centers, and neighborhoods to provide support to these youth based on best practices of supportive counseling and child/teen grief experience. Betty’s Hope creates an environment for support that is relevant, responsive and fun.  Betty’s Hope is implemented via a mobile unit that alleviates issues of access and transportation, giving the program the ability to travel to schools and community centers where services are most needed. 

This innovative model allows staff and community volunteers to work together to support young people around the issue of grief.

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