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How does TechBridge help the community?

TechBridge is a nonprofit that drives community impact by bringing affordable business and technology expertise to other nonprofits.

TechBridge helps Atlanta Day Shelter devote more resources to improving the lives of homeless women and children.

Why do nonprofits need TechBridge?

Many nonprofits lack the skills and financial resources to benefit from technology. TechBridge provides nonprofits the tools, resources and connections they need to better use technology to further their missions. This is made possible by the support TechBridge receives from corporations, individuals and foundations who come together in meaningful ways to benefit our community.

Since 2000, we have provided information technology (IT) consulting and outsourcing services to hundreds of nonprofits by bringing together subsidized technology services, donated software and volunteer programs. Because TechBridge is a nonprofit, we understand how limited resources, lack of funds, dependency on volunteers and other issues can sidetrack an organization from achieving its mission. That’s why we made it our mission to help other nonprofits leverage innovation to do more good and serve more people.

TechBridge is helping nonprofits to dream big...
to change the world...

Watch this video to find out how.


One donation to TechBridge helps hundreds of nonprofits.


"Most nonprofits don't have the capacity or skillsets to meet the critical business needs of the organization such as technology. TechBridge freed up our staff to teach adults to read instead of worrying about IT."

Austin Dickson, Executive Director, Literacy Action


"TechBridge brought us from 25 years in the past to present day. Their knowledge and experience have allowed us to choose the right software that will make life easier for us by accommodating all of our different areas of service into one system."

Martha Froehlich, Director of Business Operations/IT, Southwest Christian Care

TechBridge can significantly impact a nonprofit by providing:

IT Support to stabilize a nonprofit’s infrastructure allowing them to focus on the day to day needs of running their organization, not their technology. Our services are flexible, and we can tailor a program that fits a nonprofit’s size and budget.

Nonprofit Applications to manage a nonprofit’s clients, donors, volunteers, events, programs, documents and other data to help them operate and grow their organization. And applications to provide email, calendaring and collaboration functionality to streamline a nonprofit's operations and maximize efficiency.

IT Assessments to help a nonprofit and their funders understand where the organization is now, what their goals are, and how they can leverage technology to reach those goals.

TechBridge is uniquely positioned to combine its nonprofit experience with the technology community’s financial resources and skilled volunteers to achieve significant impact: transforming the operational effectiveness of nonprofits - at prices they can afford.

We focus on technology enabling nonprofits to focus on their mission. That means more homeless individuals receive shelter, more troubled children get counseling, more residents in rural areas have healthcare, and more disadvantaged teens get access to educational opportunities.

Together we can make a difference in our community.


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Judy N11/14/2013 8:53:00 AM

Happy to contribute. Thanks, Barb

Jennifer H11/13/2013 6:24:00 PM

TechBridge is making great strides in helping nonprofits serve our community better!

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Thankful for such a fantastic mission!

Barbara M11/13/2013 1:48:00 PM

TechBridge is a valuable resource for non-profits.