Georgia Association to Benefit Veterans Inc.

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GABVETS will operate and institute a referral service and work with local community agencies and non-profits emergency shelters to regularly conduct system-wide street sweeps to locate local homeless veterans.  Flyers and brochures will be distributed to local churches, mosques and other centers to identify homeless veterans. Information on homeless veterans and homeless populations will be given to local libraries, community centers, and local Neighborhood Planning Unit meetings, to obtain referrals on veterans who can benefit from the services
Claim service
Assist veterans who have not taken advantage of benefits available to them.
Assist veteran to properly apply for benefits
Provide information
Teach and train veterans how to navigate thru the complicated Veteran Admin System.
 Housing and Financial support
Provide direct support for rent
Provided support to obtain housing
Provide management assistance for those who obtain housing thru GABVETS
Provide emergency funding
Provide access to available beds in homeless shelters
Youth Mentoring and Leadership
Mentoring of youth who are children of female veterans and some other disadvantaged families.  Volunteers will have background checks completed and obtain appropriate training.
·      We will seek the aid and cooperation of the community, state and federal veteran administration programs to accomplish our mission.
·      Assist veterans in association with the Homeless Veteran Programs (HVP) shall include disability and pension claims processing, counseling and counseling referral services. 
·      Engage community, military and veteran stakeholders in identifying gaps in services and jointly advocate for changes to enhance support for military families. 
·      Build collaborative relationships between the local military and veteran institutions and community based providers. Work in concert with them on common and overlapping goals to help veterans.
·       Develop training forums so the community will be better coordinated to identify, refer and assist military families in finding and accessing appropriate resources. Use appropriate electronic and Veteran Administration resources and leverage existing programs.
·      Unity in the Community; veterans in the program will be encouraged to support the needs of the community as the community support the veterans program
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