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Atlanta Wild Animal Rescue Effort (AWARE) is the only wildlife center in Georgia committed to helping all species of injured, ill or orphaned wild animals and ensuring that we live in peaceful co-existence with nature.  The greater Atlanta area is home to numerous species of both resident and migratory wild animals. These include eagles, hawks, owls, songbirds, geese, ducks, squirrels, opossums, rabbits, foxes, bobcats, and armadillos, just to name a few. Georgia has a very diverse ecosystem, and these wild animals are an integral part of it. 

FawnRehabilitation Most of the the injured, ill, and orphaned wild animals that AWARE receives would suffer a slow and painful death without our help.  Once an animal is examined and treated, food, medicine and exercise are required so that it can be rehabilitated and returned to the wild.  Last year, AWARE treated 1,600 wild animals.

Michael and SocketsEducation AWARE provides programs and attends events throughout the year.  Our non-releasable ambassador animals (a bobcat, four owls, two hawks, a snake, an opossum, a crow, a turtle and a skunk) also participate and provide a face to our lessons on how to peacefully co-exist with wild animals.  In addition to programs and events, AWARE receives over 10,000 phone calls a year from individuals with questions about wildlife.  Through conversation and education, thousands of animals have been saved. 

Check us out at www.awarewildlife.org or by clicking on the Facebook link above. 
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